B+E Trailer Training and Assessments

B+E trailer training and towing courses Devon

UPDATE: Currently, the DVSA are no longer running B+E testing, and a change to the law has been enacted which means that these are no longer required. Drivers who hold a full category B (car) licence, can now tow up to 3.5 tonnes as long as the unit is safe and legal. However, trailer training is highly recommended for drivers who have little or no experience of towing, and is a requirement when towing for work.

We run vocational assessments for companies who have B+E licence holders, and wish to assess their competency, as well as providing training for those who have never towed. Courses and towing assessments can be undertaken using your vehicles and trailers, and concentrate on the safety essentials of manoeuvring, coupling and uncoupling and professional driving.

Our courses can be run from any venue, and we have a fully equipped site where we have the facilities to practice the reversing manoeuvre and off-road exercises at a pace which suits you.

With some of the most well qualified professional trainers, including DVSA Approved Driving Instructors with vocational experience throughout agriculture and industry, we can assure you that you are receiving the very best training available.

Costs for training vary, depending upon requirements and duration.

For drivers who require familiarisation and vocational training either with an employers' combination or with ours (we can provide larger vehicles and commercial trailers for those operators who anticipate using heavier rigs), we provide the Lantra Awards on and off-road trailer handling courses. Aimed at assisting employers in complying with their H&S duties, as well as managing the higher road risk associated with trailer use, we have a huge amount of experience that we can put at your disposal.

Available Lantra Awards Courses:

Basic Trailer Handling - One Day - up to 4 candidates
This course covers the basics of trailer handling, including the legal framework drivers are required to work within, along with the common causes of accidents and the basic checks and recommendations which can help to prevent them. The practical side of the course covers trailer checks, load and nose weight assessment, coupling and uncoupling procedures, safe loading and unloading, as well as a reversing exercise.

Trailer Towing On Road - One Day - up to 2 candidates
This course covers the elements from the trailer handling course, and includes familiarisation with a variety of trailers and hitches, including their suitability for the purpose and limitations of use. The driving aspect includes the reversing exercise, a braking exercise, and includes driving with a trailer on a variety of roads including urban, multi-lane and rural roads, junctions and parking. All of this training is undertaken with a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Off Road Trailer Towing - One Day
This course is for drivers who are required to tow in an off-road environment, and candidates for the training are required to hold the Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Off-Road Driving certificate or a suitable equivalent. This course can be combined with the On Road course depending upon the candidates' experience and numbers. Trainees will already be familiar with many aspects of towing, so the focus here is on the suitability of the equipment in use, and what they can and cannot do.

Who needs to take the B+E test, or hold the B+E licence category
There is no requirement now to take a separate test in order to drive a B+E combination. Any driver who holds a full car licence can now to a B+E combination. Automatic drivers can only drive a B+E combination with an automatic category B vehicle. Drivers who have passed their test after 1997 and before the change to the law in 2022 may not have the B+E category listed on their driving licence (if you check your photo ID card, on the reverse is a list of entitlements - check whether B+E is listed). We recommend that if you intend to tow abroad, or professionally, it may be worth asking the DVLA to update your licence to include the B+E entitlement.

With a category B licence, drivers can still tow a 750kg trailer behind any category B vehicle (up to 3.5tonnes MAM). Where the trailer is heavier than 750kg, the combined MAM of the towing car and that of the trailer must not exceed 3.5tonnes. If you need any clarification about towing limits, please get in touch, or have a look at: https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-and-what-you-can-tow.

What if I have B+E on my licence, but have never towed?
Many drivers will hold the trailer licence category, but may want to learn how to tow safely and legally. We provide a range of training courses, from a simple familiarisation course covering loading, hitching and manoeuvring, right through to vocational certification of skills both on and off-road. If you're unsure about what you need, we are happy to advise, and provide training either using our vehicles or with your combination.

Can I learn in an automatic?
Yes, though unlike with higher licence categories, if you only hold a driving licence for an automatic car, you will be restricted to driving an automatic whenever you are towing a trailer which brings the train into the B+E category (code '78' will follow your B+E entitlement on the back of your ID card).

For more information about our B+E trailer training courses across Devon and the South West, please contact us: