Level 1: 4×4 Familiarisation

4x4 Familiarisation Courses

When employing new staff, or upgrading to new vehicles with improved technology, 4×4 familiarisation is essential to ensure that drivers understand both the capabilities and limitations of the vehicles they will be driving.

The Lantra Awards Principles of Off Road Driving course is used to introduce new drivers to 4wd vehicles, as well as update experienced drivers on the technology used in modern 4x4s, covering Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS), Traction Control (TC), Electronic Stability Programmes/Systems (ESP/ESC), Active Suspension, Automatic Differential Locks, Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs), Terrain Response (Land Rover/Range Rover), Automatic Locking Hubs etc. Training can be comprehensive, aimed at employees who may be using a variety of vehicles, or as a bespoke course aimed at familiarising drivers with the vehicles they will be provided with.

For H&S purposes we can run additional modules for off-road driving site familiarisation, comprehensive off-road training, trailer handling, load security, fuel efficiency and communication of your company’s driving policy.

This one day familiarisation course is usually run with between two and three candidates over the course of a day, and covers:

  • Vehicle checks
  • Transmissions, differentials (and locks), Traction Control, ABS and other vehicle specific technology
  • Terrain risk assessment (which can include an on-road driving assessment)
  • Tracks and Trails (either at our site in Devon, or at the client’s choice of venue)
  • Low grip situations and use of traction aids
  • Clearance on tracks
  • Vehicle limitations

This level one 4×4 course can be used to lead on to undertaking the Off Road 4×4 Driving Experienced Operator course, which is a 1 day Lantra-Awards & BORDA approved course for professional off-road drivers.

We have some of the UKs most highly qualified and experienced 4×4 trainers available to us who are Lantra-Awards & BORDA Approved 4×4 Instructors and all have extensive experience in their field. If you have specific requirements for your training, just let us know and we will discuss these with you and find the trainer who has the best skills for your particular needs.

For more information on our 4×4 familiarisation days, please contact us: